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LGBT DeviantART Flag. by YukiStorm1225

Oh my goodness, this is beautiful, just beautiful there is no words to describe the utter beauty of this. <3 Let me love you ; w ; In a...

Mr. Smile by moppaa
by moppaa

I'd have to say that this piece really scared the crap out of me when I first saw it. xD For this illustration to be that for a childre...


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Legend of ZeldaXReader
25 deviations
I feel pretty productive today ouo I've gotten halfway through Belgium and Hungary's MMA Fight story for :iconkenjisama:, as well as Part 1 of Moon's Story for :icondead2:. After I finish those two stories, I'll move on to working on the next chapter of Different for :iconimyourhero213:, and then the Sosuke X Reader contest entry for :iconsosukeyamazaki-fc:
971 deviations
Attack on Titan x Reader
484 deviations


Literature Commissions (See Need Point Commissions Journal)
I will do any commissions stated in my Need Point Commissions journal related in return for ten (10) points and a series for twenty (20) points.

(Also doing commissions for Heat-Haze Days/Kagerou Days, see other Commission panel)

Doing Commissions for:

Hetalia (including 2P!Talia, Nyotalia, HetaOni or other Hetalia games)
Fruits Basket
Fullmetal Alchemist
Ouran High School Host Club
Death Note
Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon/Heroes of Light and Shadow
Fire Emblem Awakening
Yugioh (any series except Zexeal)
Ghost Hunt
Save Me! Lollipop
Soul Eater
Vampire Knight
Corpse Party
The World Ends With You
Rise of the Guardians
Panty and Stocking
Legend of Zelda
Rune Factory 4
D. Gray-man
Kingdom Hearts
Attack on Titan
Doctor Who
Code Geass
Harry Potter
Kyo Kara Maoh
House of Night
Kuroko no Basuke
Fire Emblem Path of Radiance
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club (new)
Dramatical Murder (new)
Karneval (new)
Diabolik Lovers (new)

Note or comment if you want to see another series become part of this list.
Multiple Chapter Commissions
I'll do multiple for any of the series listed in the Literature Commissions ranging from 15 - 20 points for stories for 3-6 chapters, 20 - 30 for stories 7 - 10 chapters, and anything above that will range from 30 - 45 points depending on the length.
Heat-Haze Days/Kagerou Days Commissions
I know there's a lot of fanfics in my updated journal with the title Heat-Haze Days, that's because I was having a hard time deciding which characters to do this for so I chose some from different series. 

There will be variations between each of the stories, but as you can tell I have gotten addicted to this song and it's story. And the amazing covers done by JubyPhonic and Zoozbuh on YouTube. I'll be happy to take commissions -or request if you're a really good friend of mine- for other Kagerou Days for characters of your choice if I'm familiar with the series, whether it be between a character and reader, Character and Character, Character and OC, or OC and OC. 

Just leave a comment or note me if you want me to do one for you, and a Heat-Haze Days story will only be half of what I do for a normal story, so only 5 points. I know the little slot down there says 10 but it won't let me go any lower so only give me 5 for this kind of commission.

If it's between OC's, send me a link to a deviation of this character and/or send me a description through note.
I will write songfics (preferrably a Vocaloid song since I know tons of those xD) for fifteen (15) to twenty (20) points. Send me a note that includes the song, the English lyrics, an English Fandub (if possible) and the general story of the song (don't assume that I know every Vocaloid song because I don't).

Hey everyone. It seems as though I am re-obsessed with Supernatural. So in light of that and for the new season coming out soon, I want to offer you guys something (even though I'll still be moving along with my commissions as per usual)

Note me a number from 1 to 100 and I'll use a random number generator to pick the numbers, and the first three numbers that appear in the generator will be eligible to request a Supernatural x Reader or OC one-shot for free. It can be any character and take place during any season (except season 10 because new season lol)

I'll end the offer on October 25th (extending the deadline) so that everyone has time to get a number in and post the results afterwards. (No one can have the same number and if by some miracle all 100 numbers are filled, then the offer will automatically close once it reaches 100.) Have fun everyone!

Also, go take a look at my fabulous friend :iconxxpruben:'s contest details Cx : 

CONTEST! +RULES +ENTRIES +UPDATESHiya guys! Since I received a 10-0 on my last poll for a contest, here it is!

Please check out the lovely :iconsolarkittygirl:'s contest as well!!! :meow:

This will be a drawing/writing contest. 
You can submit in either category, but you can only submit in one, not both! 
I will only accept up to 2 entries per person!
The entry MUST have something to do with myself [ read: how you picture me, not by my pictures ] and something to do with either Halloween or Phantom of the Opera. 
Writing entries can be an xReader if you can manage it.
Can include characters from any anime that I like: Hetalia, Black Butler, Blue Exorcist, Bleach, Fairy Tail, etc.
+Other Judges
I will be having other judges besides myself, and they will be listed here. Please comment if you

Go check out :iconprofessoradagio:'s giveaway. A huge amount of points will be given away to the winner so you won't wanna miss it: 
40,000 points giveawayI recently got 40,000 points to help myself out, but after some time I didn't want to use them, so I wanted to give
someone else the points, so I made this giveaway.
Looking at some other giveaways, I see that there are rules and places etc. Since this is my first giveaway, there is only
1 place, there is no second or third place as this is my first giveaway but I may do other giveaways with more places in
the future.
And the rules to enter this are:
Favourite this Giveaway
Make a journal about this giveaway
Leave a comment below with a link to the completed journal you made
That's it, unless you want to give me a watch or Llama or check out my gallery then you can feel free but you don't have to.
This giveaway will end on 10th November and the winner will be announced.
Good luck to everyone!
Also received notes about max points being 20,000..
Fixing this issue once and for all. Whoever wins I wi


Current participants:

:iconxxpruben: - 8
:icondead2: - 45

If you guys want to earn some points easily, go visit :icondahub: and follow the instructions listed in order to earn points ouo

10-2-14: I'm getting the new Smash Bros. game when it comes out tomorrow at Gamestop, so add my friend code and send me your friend code if you ever want to brawl :3 My Friend Code: 0018 - 0618 - 6985

10-6-14: I'm sorry I haven't updated in the past couple of weeks. I've been taking some free time to catch up on shows, read some books. and do my college work. I just recently finished watching Free! Eternal Summer and I plan on watching Karneval next, as well as proceeding with season 5 of Doctor Who and patiently awaiting the season premiere of Supernatural owo I'm also reading Cabin in the Woods and working on my next submission >w<

And as usual, I'm keeping this list up for the journal so ignore it if you'd like (unless you really want to read through it all)


Bullet; Red - Haven’t Started

Bullet; Orange - Working on it

Bullet; Yellow - Almost Finished

Bullet; Green - Finished

Commission Statuses (check Commissions box for more details)

:iconshadowsandstardust: : :bulletred:Finding Happiness Chapter 2 (2p!China X Reader, Series)

:iconcoldcollector:  : Bullet; RedThe Ice Realm Chapter 1 (Series)

:iconsirairbud: : Bullet; GreenMood Changes (Chrom X Reader) STILL NEED 5POINTS

:iconkenjisama: : :bulletgreen:Belgium vs Hungary MMA Fight

:icondead2: : :bulletorange:Moon's Story (Series of oneshots) Part 1

:iconlantzswimstudios: : :bulletgreen: Lyrics for a series

:iconangelysugar: : :bulletred: Her First Moments (Chrom X Reader)

Request/Gift Statuses

:iconmakazay: : Bullet; RedKagerou Days (Germany X Italy)

:iconsephy90: : Bullet; OrangeChristmas Days Sweets (Stocking X OC or Robert)

:iconsephy90: : Bullet; RedChristmas Clothes (Erica X OC or Robert)

Personal Stories

Attack on Titan

Bullet; RedNot a Monster (Eren X Reader)

Bullet; RedSource of my Courage (Armin X Reader)

:bulletred:Say I Love You (Jean X Reader)

:bulletred:Strange Cat (Neko!Levi X Sick!Reader)

:bulletred:Just an Observer (Shimeji!Levi X Reader)

Black Butler

Bullet; RedFlowers (Finny X Reader)

Bullet; RedInsane Attraction (Undertaker X Reader

Bullet; RedA Reaper's Duty (Will X Reader)

:bulletred:A Moment's Glance (Snake X Reader)

Bullet; RedGirl from the Past (Finny X Reader, Series) Chapter 2

Bullet; RedTreat Her Equally (Sebastian X Reader X Ciel, Possible Series)


:bulletred:We Should Work Together (Kanda X Reader)

:bulletred:Moral Support (Lavi X Reader)

Death Note

Bullet; RedDinner Date (L X Reader)

Diabolik Lovers

:bulletred:Different (Kanato X Reader, Series) Chapter 1


Bullet; RedSadism (Izaya X Reader)

:bulletred:Anger Management (Shizuo X Reader)

Bullet; RedHeat-Haze Days (Kida X Reader)

Fire Emblem: Awakening

Bullet; RedRemembering Her (Emmeryn X Reader)

Bullet; RedBags of Candy (Gaius X Reader)

Bullet; RedSweet Deception (Gaius X Reader)

Bullet; RedWomen (Lon'qu X Reader)

Bullet; RedScientific Reasoning (Miriel X Reader)

Bullet; RedThe Vaike (Vaike X Reader

Bullet; RedA Changed Man (Gangrel X Reader)

Bullet; RedBunny Ears (Yarne X Reader)

Bullet; RedAfter This War (Chrom X Reader)

:bulletred:Dark Magic (Tharja X Reader)

:bulletred:Your Smile (Henry X Reader)

Fire Emblem: Heroes of Light and Shadow

Bullet; RedLady's Man (Luke X Reader)

Bullet; RedTraining Day (Ryan X Reader) 

Fire Emblem Path of Radiance

:bulletred:Loyal (Ike X Reader)

:bulletred:Planning Ahead (Oscar X Reader)

:bulletred:Assistant (Soren X Reader)

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

Bullet; RedA Sweet Thief (Julian X Reader)

:bulletred:Take a Break (Marth X Reader)

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

:bulletred:My New Dream (Sosuke X Reader)

Fruits Basket

Bullet; RedFrom Then to Now (Yuki X Reader)

Bullet; RedIn My Professional Medical Opinion (Shigure X Reader)

Fullmetal Alchemist

Bullet; RedHappy Endings (Alphonse X Reader)

:bulletred:Seeing Through Me (Envy X Reader)

:bulletred:You Should Rest (Edward X Reader)


:bulletred:Mermaid In My Dreams (Ongoing Series) Chapter 22 (ON HOLD)

Bullet; RedFallen Angel (England X Reader)

Bullet; RedCat Lovers (Greece X Reader)

Bullet; RedTry My Pasta (Italy X Reader)

Bullet; RedPanda Backpack (China X Reader)

Bullet; RedMy Sunflower (Russia X Reader)

Bullet; RedRoutine (Germany X Reader)

Bullet; RedMagical Creatures (Child!England X Child!Reader)

Bullet; RedMiso Soup (Japan X Reader)

Bullet; RedDaddy's Tomato Soup (Daddy!Spain X Child!Reader)

Bullet; RedSmile (Romano X Reader)

Bullet; RedThe World Ends With Hetalia (Hetalia X The World Ends With You Crossover)

Bullet; RedVideo Games (Japan X Reader)

Bullet; RedOld Photographs (France X Dead!Reader)

Bullet; RedDistant Past (Japan X Reader)

Bullet; RedTo Protect You (Nordics X Reader)

Bullet; RedWelcome to the Show (2P!Hetalia X Reader, Possible Series)

Bullet; RedPigtails (China X Reader)

Bullet; RedYou're Not Alone (Hetalia X Depressed!Reader)

Bullet; RedCuddle Buddies (Prussia X Reader)

Bullet; RedStrawberry Orange Soup (France X Reader)

Bullet; RedLay With Me (Denmark X Reader)

Bullet; RedSleepover (Poland X Reader)

:bulletred:Secret Fear (England X Reader)

:bulletred:She's Gone (France X Dead!Reader)

:bulletred:The Wallflower (France X Reader)

:bulletred:First Date (Switzerland X Reader)

:bulletred:Fitting In (Axis X Reader)

:bulletred:Mending Friendships (Switzerland X Reader X Austria)

:bulletred:You're Not Scary (Sweden X Reader)

:bulletred:Ice Cream and Movie Night (Canada X Reader)

:bulletred:Amnesia (America X Reader)

Bullet; RedHeat-Haze Days (Germany X Reader)

Bullet; RedHeat-Haze Days (Italy X Reader)

Bullet; RedHeat-Haze Days (Russia X Reader)

Bullet; RedHeat-Haze Days (England X Reader)

Bullet; RedHeat-Haze Days (France X Reader)

Bullet; RedHeat-Haze Days (Canada X Reader)


Bullet; RedAn Abundance of Apple Juice (Dave X Reader)

Bullet; RedFruit Gushers and Con Air (John X Reader)

Bullet; RedHeat-Haze Days (Karkat X Reader)

:bulletred:Your Guardian (Gamzee X Reader ~AU~)

Bullet; RedMy Sweet Little Irritation (Karkat X Child!Reader)

Kingdom Hearts

:bulletred:I Remember You (Riku X Reader)

Kuroko no Basuke

:bulletred:Personal Coach (Kagami x Reader)

:bulletred: Number One Visitor (Kiyoshi Teppei x Reader)

Legend of Zelda

:bulletred: Send Me On (Link X Dead!Reader)


Bullet; RedHeat-Haze Days (Negi X Reader)

Original Stories

Bullet; RedRing Master

Bullet; RedLove, Though Unintended

Bullet; RedInsomniacs

Ouran High School Host Club

Bullet; RedAm I Important? (Kyoya X Reader)

Bullet; OrangeDaddy's Little Girl (Tamaki X Reader)

Bullet; RedYour Antics (Hikaru X Reader X Kaoru)

Bullet; RedHeat-Haze Days (Kyoya X Reader)

:bulletred:Enjoying Your Company (Mori X Reader)

Panty and Stocking

Bullet; RedMy Geek Boy (Brief X Reader)


Bullet; OrangeAmaya's Nuzlocke Adventures (Series, Nuzlocke in Yellow) Chapter 5

Bullet; RedNina's Nuzlocke Adventures (Series, Nuzlocke in Crystal)

Bullet; RedMarina's Nuzlocke Adventures (Series, Nuzlocke in Emerald)

Bullet; RedDinah's Nuzlocke Adventure (Series, Nuzlocke in Platinum)

Bullet; RedShina's Nuzlocke Adventure (Series, Nuzlocke in White)

Bullet; RedMorgan's Nuzlocke Adventures (Series, Nuzlocke in Black 2)

Bullet; OrangeZoey's Nuzlocke Adventure (Series, Nuzlocke in Y) Chapter 3

Bullet; RedAlena's Nuzlocke Adventure (Series, Nuzlocke in Nightmare

Bullet; RedSienna's Nuzlocke Adventure (Series, Nuzlocke in Sacred Gold)

Bullet; RedPrussia's Awesome Nuzlocke Adventure (Series, Nuzlocke in Hetamon Awesome Version) 

Bullet; RedBy Your Side (Red X Reader)

Bullet; RedThat Night on the Ferris Wheel (N X Reader)

Bullet; RedA Special Stone (Steven Stone X Reader)

Rise of the Guardians

Bullet; RedFighting for You (Jack Frost X Reader, Possible Series)

:bulletred:You Don't Scare Me (Pitch X Reader)

Rune Factory

Bullet; RedThe Prince's Duties (Lest X Reader)

Bullet; RedThe Princess's Duties (Frey X Reader)

Bullet; RedSashimi Equals Happiness (Dylas X Reader)

Bullet; RedChocolates For You (Forte X Reader) 

Bullet; RedWarm On Christmas (Amber X Reader)

:bulletred:Do You Think of Her? (Leon X Reader)

:bulletred:White Day (Barrett's Story)

Soul Eater

:bulletred:You Need to Relax (Kid X Reader)


:bulletred:I Couldn't Save Her (Dean X Dead!Reader)

:bulletred:This Angel's Weakness (Castiel X Reader)


Bullet; RedRelax (Kaiba X Reader)

Bullet; RedDate Night (Tristan X Reader)

Bullet; RedYour Lucky Day (Duke X Reader)

Yugioh GX

:bulletred:Precious as a Gem (Jesse X Reader)

Yugioh 5D's

:bulletred:Important Things in Life (Jack Atlas X Reader)


solarkittygirl's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States

ID commissioned to me by the wonderful :icondiamondsnake: as the preview image for my future story, The World Ends With Hetalia (Hetalia X The World Ends With You Crossover)

:iconpervylenplz: :iconpervyrinplz:

Friend in real life:
:icondanceswithdragons: :iconspains-butt: :iconobsidianhealer:

Closer online friends:
:iconmakazay: :iconsephy90: :iconxrinkagaminexxx: :iconeurodisneykitty: :iconmia-jones::icondiamondsnake:


so here's a little somethin about me, 'kay? :3

Nickname: Kris or Solar
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship status: Taken~

That's pretty much it xD

Random Stamps:

Hetalia animation stamp by Naru-Nisa APH - Axis Marching Stamp by 2Dea APH - Allies Marching Stamp by 2Dea hetalia ending stamp by Julesie Tomato box fairy stamp by Julesie Japan Switz Stamp by Julesie :thumb195633928: Stamp - Yaaaay France by MissBezz Stamp: China Smacks a Wall by SacredLugia Americas icecream stamp by Julesie Russia Chibi-Jump Stamp by MissBezz Baby Russia Stamp by MissBezz OHOHO. by AlchemyOtaku17 PARTY HARD stamp by those-silly-demons Stamp - Hetalia Fan by MJ-Kagamine I'M THE HERO stamp by those-silly-demons Hetalia Nordics Stamp by AkiraNoru APH - Yay! Stamp by ChibiGaia I WHIP MY HAIR BACK AND FORTH by Myouri China, I choose you by MrsHighwind Dragon head bash stamp by AustriaKaninchen Poke - Gerita stamp by Ludwig-Germany fusosososo by Sombolia PASTAAAAA stamp by those-silly-demons SItaly trip stamp by Julesie you know you wanted this XD by GentleDalmationKT poland pony stamp by crazysistahs japan kiss stamp by crazysistahs Ivan Stamp by Linkdezelda APH :: Francis Kissu by makeitstampy APH: France by bubblymilktea APH: Pirate UK by bubblymilktea Piyo - it's Gilbird by makeitstampy RUN PRUSSIA RUN by AlClair Iggy's Magic Friend Stamp by AlClair nihon stamp .. by crazysistahs japan Kiku Honda stamp by crazysistahs Hetalia Italy Stamp by NekoBattousai "Shoo-Shoo, Get out" -stamp- by WrenAgain A day with Italy by AxiasAlexa APH :: L'Oreal Stamp by u-sagi APH: Allies Stamp by Chibikaede Hetalia: Deal with it by Janbearpig Chibitalia Stamp by HokaidoPlanet APH-chibitalia stamp by sweet-tiramisu Hetalia Snow - Stamp by Nami-DA MR. MOUSTACHE LAUGHS AT YOU by morbidsunshinelove Chibi Englands hair - stamp by Julesie Canada fight stamp by Julesie APH Stamp - Italy's life by ChibiGaia .-.Baka.-. by VenomousViper3o Hetalia Italy Stamp by leadervance APH :: HETALIA GIRLS SIDE by makeitstampy Hetalia stamp 001 by Floryblue12 Soviet Hetalia Stamp by LaytonsAssistant18 Switzerland by KuraiKyuketsu Hetaoni stamp by veronica-the-fox Americat Stamp by veronica-the-fox Italy Wave by lilaclila Waving Russia stamp by veronica-the-fox My sister's nuts-Russia Stamp by veronica-the-fox Russia kolkolkol stamp by raimundo-fangirl China Quote by KuraiKyuketsu  ----the-beautiful-world--- by Bassiya :thumb315135611: Hetalia Forever! by lilaclila Hetalia Stamp by DisneyClassicFan97 -.-Matthew Stamp-.- by VenomousViper3o uuuoooooh by Soubixcos SuFin stamp by Julesie hungary :D by conexionmanga Iggy Magik Stamp by ParamourxLights Make a girl wanna speak french by pandalovesmilk that you Francis? by pandalovesmilk shinyy francis by pandalovesmilk fraaance by pandalovesmilk wut? Francis by pandalovesmilk faab by pandalovesmilk Iggiirriiissuuuuu by pandalovesmilk you spin me by pandalovesmilk Idon'tevenknow France Stamp by AlClair Iggy's Hair - FrUk Stamp by AlClair Francis + Arthur Stamp by CreamyWay HE USED TO BE A PUNK-- -stamp- by WrenAgain APH - ITALYxJAPAN Stamp by leadervance no logic 2 francis love by pandalovesmilk Going 'Round in Italy's Fiat by nutmegandginge America's Hamburgers by lilaclila Run Away! by lilaclila Holy Rome Freaking Out by nutmegandginge Rolling Italy Cat by nutmegandginge Japan as an Italian by nutmegandginge Stamp Hetalia - Inglaterra by CrazyCherry-0

Hetalia and History by McMitters :thumb209335640: thanks to hetalia... by sugarbearkitty Hetalia Stamp-Austria by Tyley-Brittany Hetalia Stamp-Switzerland by Tyley-Brittany I love Hetalia stamp by FearlessLullaby Hetalia Stamp-Italy+Japan by Tyley-Brittany Hungary stamp by Julesie Make Pasta Not War by dragon-sigma

Once Upon a Time Stamp by TwilightProwler

Homestuck Kids stamp by ParamourxLights girl gamer stamp v1 by Jeff2psyco girl gamers stamp by thechaosproject Girl-Gamer Stamp by BowChickaBowWow Stamp - Not Feminine by foxlee FAIL As A Girl Stamp by JiiHaku Day Dreamer Stamp by Sora05 So Many Books by LaPurr stamp - don't judge a book... by Daeg-Niht Typing Stamp by In-The-Machine I REFUSE Stamp by RoxyOblivion Fantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatori Addicted To Music - Stamp by JWiesner Music by mistymoongrl Love to read by Claire-stamps Woman that knows by Claire-stamps Woman that knows by Claire-stamps Dancing Stormtroopers by Mr-Stamp MUSIC LIFE by fraggle37 Randomness stamp by tab-and-co I Support Loud Music Stamp by Sora05 I Hate Math by l8 Love is love by Punakettu Stamp: Gay Rights by RogueDerek Stamp: Gay Rights by RogueDerek Drugfree Stamp by LiveToCode Japanese Music Stamp by SA948-Stamps Not into religion by SparDanger To be a Good person stamp by AngelicCarrot I Do Not Have a Religion by MustBeInfinito Logic Over Lies Stamp by MistsOfMidnight ao oni stamp by RRRAI i love my DS stamp by RRRAI I am a Fire Emblem Tactician by Hanafae Fire Emblem Awakening Stamp by Masked-Gamer Marth is Fabulous Stamp by FlareTornado Chrom Stamp by Adraowen Ike Radiant Dawn STAMP by FJLink Donnel Stamp by Adraowen Stamp- Marth's History by brawlingwolf Nintendo Anime Stamp by Death-Note-Ninja02 Gaius Stamp by Adraowen Virion Stamp by Adraowen Brady Stamp by Adraowen Cynthia Stamp by Adraowen Kjelle Stamp by Adraowen Laurent Stamp by Adraowen Morgan Stamp by Adraowen Nah Stamp by Adraowen Noire Stamp by Adraowen Severa Stamp by Adraowen Tharja Stamp by Adraowen Tiki Stamp by Adraowen Vaike Stamp by Adraowen Lucina Stamp by Adraowen Yarne Stamp by Adraowen Panne Stamp by Adraowen Ricken Stamp by Adraowen Say'ri Stamp by Adraowen Sully Stamp by Adraowen Sumia Stamp by Adraowen Libra Stamp by Adraowen Lissa Stamp by Adraowen Maribelle Stamp by Adraowen Miriel Stamp by Adraowen Nowi Stamp by Adraowen Olivia Stamp by Adraowen Anna Stamp by Adraowen Cherche Stamp by Adraowen Emmeryn stamp by Adraowen Gregor Stamp by Adraowen Kellam Stamp by Adraowen Stahl Stamp by Adraowen Flavia Stamp by Adraowen Basilio Stamp by Adraowen Cordelia Stamp by Adraowen Henry Stamp by Adraowen Lon'qu Stamp by Adraowen Inigo Stamp by Adraowen Gaius Stamp by Adraowen Owain Stamp by Adraowen Priam Stamp by Adraowen Gerome Stamp by Adraowen Frederick Stamp by Adraowen

First FEA File:

OwainXLucina (accidentally I might add xD)

Puppies! by The-Legend-Of-Burai Disney Sleepy Lady + Tramp Stamp by TwilightProwler Writers Life by LostKitten Pokemon Games Stamp by KeliAlex Eeveelutions Stamp by EeveeQueenJigglypuff PewDiePie Stamp by MissButtler
Child pageantry should be illegal... by BlackJill BUT THE BIBLES SAYS SO, THAT'S ALL I KNOW! by endler Freedom of religion... by BlackJill
the rum is gone... by soulshinigami kuroshitsuji stamp by xSYNNcere Open-Mindedness by Chrysalislover Jar of Dirt Stamp by hatenaki-yume

I'm Famous Stamp by Khrinx

Stocking Fan Button by ButtonsMaker


Morals by MaruLovesStamps

Invalid Points by linawifeofL

Gender Roles by linawifeofL

Baby Factory by linawifeofL

Ashetoashesjc Stamp 3 by Scythr

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