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July 18, 2012
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Pirate England X Reader


Arthur carried (Name) to his room and laid her down gently on his bed, stroking strands of hair out of her face. "I told you I'd come find you poppet," he said softly.

(Name) opened her gentle (ye/c) eyes and smiled at him. "I know. I never doubted you."

Arthur gently took one of (Name)'s hands in his own and held it close.

"You have no idea how happy I am to see you again."

"I can say the same Arthur, for myself and Peter." Arthur smiled and softly kissed the
back of her hand.

"I'm just glad you're both safe."

Suddenly, the door was pushed open abruptly and in came an overexcited Mindy, who rushed to (Name)'s side the instant she saw her.

"Mindy!" said (Name) sitting up a little too fast, making her recoil and fall back onto the bed.

"Don't overexert yourself poppet. You need to rest." (Name) nodded and tried to get comfortable again.

Mindy kneeled down next to (Name) and hugged her neck gently. "I missed you (Name)." Again, (Name) smiled.

"I missed you too Mindy." She looked over to her best friend to see that she was fighting
back tears.

"I'm so sorry… All of this was my fault… I never should've asked you to take my place that day…"

"Mindy don't worry about that. If it wasn't for that, I would've never met Arthur or Peter or everyone else. I wouldn't have made such wonderful and trustworthy friends. I say it's a good thing you let me take your place."

Mindy sniffed slightly and smiled. "And I never would've met Alfred…" she said quietly.

"What was that?" (Name) asked.

Mindy caught herself and blushed slightly. "N-nothing!" she said, trying to hide her blush.

Le time skip~!

Arthur and Mindy stayed with (Name) as she recovered with the help of Yao's medical assistance. By morning of the next day, she was back on her feet, much to everyone's delight. She had recovered so well that she even helped Yao cook for the rest of the crew, pleased to see that they all enjoyed it.

Later that day, the ship docked where Ludwig and Feliciano lived. (Name) was kinda sad to see them go, but was happy when Feliciano gave her a big hug. "I'm gonna miss you (Name)!"

(Name) laughed a bit and hugged him back. "I'm gonna miss you too Feli. You should come visit us sometime."

"Ve~! That sounds nice."

As Feliciano finally let go of her, he went over to where Ludwig was waiting for him and left the boat with him. From farther away, two people were rushing over to Ludwig and Feliciano.

"West!" An white haired albino man called out.

"Feli!" called out the other, who seemed to look a bit like Feliciano.

"Gilbert-" Ludwig barely got out before he was caught in a bear hug and a noogie from

Feliciano hugged the boy who looked like him. "I missed you Lovino!" he said enthusiastically. Lovino hugged him back a little, but deep down he was relieved to see him again.

"Aw isn't that sweet," came the voice of another person.

"Antonio!" Feliciano called out even more happy.

Lovino blushed and looked down at the ground embarrassed. "Shut up you tomato bastard." Antonio chuckled and ruffled Lovino's hair.

"Aw don't be such a culo Lovino."

Lovino pushed Antonio's hand away and snarled at him.

(Name) smiled at the little scene, glad that Feliciano was happy and back home with his friends and family, before the ship set sail again.

In a matter of time, the ship had docked again, and Ivan, along with Yekaterina, Natalia, Feliks, Toris, and Raivis after saying their goodbyes. Shortly after, Yao left with Honda and Kaoru, but not before receiving a big hug from (Name), for whom Yao happily returned.

The next day the ship docked again, this time letting Vash and Lily off. Before they left however, Lily gave (Name) and Arthur a hug and thanked them for everything they had done for her and her big brother and said they would want to visit (Name) sometime.

All that was left now was Francis, Matthew, Alfred, Arthur, Peter, Mindy and (Name). Arthur had soon found Mindy and (Name)'s homeland and docked the ship.

"So… is this goodbye?" (Name) asked Arthur.

"Actually poppet, I was thinking of putting my pirating behind me and staying here with you."

(Name) blinked in surprise. "You were?"

Arthur nodded and took (Name)'s hands in his own.

"So was I," said Alfred, rubbing the back of his head and trying to hide his blush from
Mindy. "I was.. Thinking of staying here too… With you."

Mindy blushed and smiled shyly. "I'd be happy to let you stay," she said hugging, bringing a big smile to Alfred's face as he hugged back.

"What about you (Name?" asked Arthur.

(Name) smiled and hugged Arthur tight. "I'd be happy to let you stay too. Arthur smiled happily and hugged her back. "And you too Peter."

"Yay!" Peter exclaimed happily and hugged (Name), who smiled and hugged him back.

Matthew hugged Kumajiro closer to him. "Francis… Can we stay here too?"

Francis looked to him and smiled. "Why of course we can." Matthew smiled and thanked him happily.

In the next six months, Arthur had bought a peaceful little house to live in along with
(Name) and Peter. Alfred had moved into the palace with Mindy, after winning her parents' approval of course, and Francis and Matthew also moved into the palace in different rooms.

Now Arthur was sitting on a bench with an arm around (Name)'s shoulder while her head rested on his chest and her fingers were laced with his. They watched as Peter and (Name)'s little sister, Clara, was playing tag together as the sun shone brightly on them. This was a dream come true for everyone.


(Name) glanced up at him. "Yes Arthur?"

Arthur pulled her closer to him and smiled. "I love you."

(Name) blushed and smiled happily up at Arthur. "I love you too."

Arthur's face lit up with happiness as he gently kissed (Name).  This was the best they could've ever hoped for.
Here goes the very last chapter!

I'd like to thank every one of my faithful readers for following this story until the end and for all the watches and faves and lovely comments and feedback you gave me ^_^

Now to discuss another matter, I friggin love HetaOni!!! All dem feels! T^T and how they came up with their names in that one moment was touching! :iconcryforeverplz:

So I might just write a few fics based of of it in the future.

I do not own Hetalia or this picture, but now you are happily owned by :iconsexyengland2plz:
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