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November 21, 2012
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Fear Garden

China's Death

Three days have passed since the day Russia was pronounced missing. No one has heard a single word from him or had any idea where he could've gone, not even the Baltics or his sisters, and everyone was starting to get worried.

"Dudes, where could Russia have gone? We haven't had a real meeting in two days!" shouted America.

"No one knows, aru." said China. "He hasn't even answered his cell phone."

Canada just sat there hugging Kumajiro close to him, trying to suppress his insane smirks even though no one would notice it. Idiots, he thought. They'll never find him.

"We can't really have a meeting without him," said England. "He is a country too, after."

"Do you think something could've happened to him?" said France.

"Don't be ridiculous, you frog. This is Russia we're talking about. He could be lost in a field of sunflowers for all we know," said England.

A field of sunflowers in the sky, thought Canada.

"Maybe we should try calling him again," America said.

"What's the point? It'll just be sent to his voicemail again," said England.

"And what are we supposed to do, just sit here and hope he comes through the door?" asked China.

"Dudes, how about we do detective work to find Russia? You know, like Serbock Homes!" said America.

All the nations in the room sweatdropped. "Don't you mean Sherlock Holmes?" said England.

"Yeah that!"

"Even if we could investigate this, what is the possibility we will actually find any clues?" said China.

"He's got a point," said England.

"The hero will find a way!" America shouted out.

"Whatever you say America," said England, rolling his eyes.

With that, the meeting was adjourned and everyone started to leave. Canada stood up from his seat and started walking out. Without warning, China bumped into him and knocked him aside.

"S-sor.. Huh?" China stared in Canada's general direction for a few moments, and Canada looked back at him. "I could've sworn I bumped into someone... It must be my imagination." China walked off without completing his apology, leaving an angry Canada behind.

China didn't even stop to look back, and what's worse is that he didn't see Canada even though he bumped right into him.

So it was then Canada decided that his next flower would be China.


China woke up with his head pounding and his ears ringing so loudly he felt as if his head would explode. He reached to hold his head, but his hands wouldn't move. They were stuck behind his back. China looked over his shoulder to see that his wrists were tied behind his back, and he also realized he had a piece of cloth covering his mouth. His eyes widened with terror as he tried to struggle out of his bondage, and wondering who could've done this to him and how he got here in the first place.

"So you're awake now, eh?"

China looked up to where the voice came from. He seemed a bit familiar. Did he know him from somewhere?

"In case you don't know who I am, even though you see me ever day, my name is Canada." Canada twirled his knife between his fingers and smirked sadistically. China shivered as the chills crept down his spine. "You should've paid more attention to me China. We could've become great friends, and you wouldn't have to be here right now. But since you fail to acknowledge my existence, you can end up just like him." Canada pointed his knife to something that was laying on the ground at Canada's feet.

China looked to where the knife pointed and his eyes widened in shock to see Russia, laying limp and covered in blood. And missing an arm as well. Seeing this only made China struggle more against his ropes.

"There's no use trying to escape China. You've seen what I've done to poor Russia here, haven't you? Well, now you can join him yourself!" Canada thrust his knife downwards onto China's shoulder and started stabbing him multiple times, his smirk widening as China's blood splattered everywhere. China screamed through his gag as the burning searing pain ripped through him. When Canada held up China's arm for him to see, China finally gave in and closed his eyes to numb his pain.
China's part, woot! I'm so glad I finally got to update this TwT

Hetalia does not belong to me and neither does the image. I found the image here…

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